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I’m Hubert, a software engineer, currently working at Nexthink (Lausanne, Switzerland). I deal mostly with all matters related to C++ programming (and Rust, after work). That being said, I (almost) never say no to higher (I love Ruby!) or lower level languages. As long as it makes sense.

Writing payment terminal application from scratch (if you’ve been to Poland recently, you probably used it), hardening and upgrading cryptography in existing systems (spent more time with OpenSSL than I’m willing to admit) and developing micro-services (in C++20, lucky me!) - that’s my my professional bread and butter. Happy Linux user.

In my free time I enjoy practicing martial arts / sports, running and fantasy books & games. And doing even more programming, especially in Rust!

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the knowledge I gained by reading countless other blogs / articles / books. In other words, finally giving back to the bustling community of IT fellows. Plus, it may act as my personal notebook so I know where to look for some commands or configurations in case I forget them.

I intend to keep this blog completely JavaScript / Google Analytics free - I am mostly a C++ developer, I like it light and efficient! No tracking, fast but unfortunately - no comments. If you want to share some opinion with me, correct me or suggest an idea - feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn or email me: mail