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I’m Hubert, a software engineer, currently working at Chainsafe. Happily taking care of the 🌲Forest, an implementation of Filecoin written in 🦀 Rust. Slowly regaining sanity after spending many years dealing with C++ metablackmagic programming 🧙 and UB traps. Here, have a poem:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Pointers are easy

Segmentation fault, SIGSEGV

Writing payment terminal application from scratch (if you’ve been to Poland recently, you probably used it) 💸, hardening and upgrading cryptography in existing systems (spent more time with OpenSSL than I’m willing to admit) and developing C++20-based micro-services on k8s - that’s my professional bread and butter. Recently I started exploring the world of Blockchain and Web3. Happy Fedora Linux user. 🐧

In my free time I enjoy practicing martial arts / sports, hiking and fantasy books & games. And tinkering in my personal lab! 💻

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the knowledge I gained by reading countless other blogs / articles / books. In other words, finally giving back to the bustling community of IT fellows. Plus, it may act as my personal notebook so I know where to look for some commands or configurations in case I forget them.

If you want to share some opinion with me, correct me or suggest an idea - feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn or email me: mail.